Lucy Chapman

Lucy Chapman

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La Vista Days Salute to Summer 2023!!

Ty Pennington is at the Omaha Lawn Flower and Patio show 2023

I had the great pleasure of talking to Ty Pennington about the projects he has been inolved in, the projects coming up and about his appearance at the 2023 Omaha Lawn Flower and Patio Show at the CHI Center this weekend! (February 9-12th 2023)

Dungeon of the Damned Haunted Attraction in Omaha

Aaron Wojkiewicz and partners bought the Hollywood Candy Store and 12th and Jackson and decided they needed to keep the basement haunted! It had been a haunted attraction at one time, so they decided to bring it back to life... or death....

A new movie filmed locally about one family's journey with Alzheimer's

Erich Hover and Chad Bishoff join me on this show to talk about the new movie It Snows All the Time. Erich's father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's very young and this movie shows the journey the entire family goes through. It was all filmed right here in Omaha and I think this is an important message for all of us, even if your family isn't directly affected with this terrible disease.

Taste of Omaha 2022!!

Mike Mancuso President at Mid-America Expositions brought us our own little Taste of Omaha this morning and I grabbed him and said "we need to talk about this on record!" So here you go! All the info you need for Taste of Omaha 2022!

Salute to Summer and Hometown Heroes

I'm talking with Mitch Beaumont Communication Manager for La Vista, Nebraska about the upcoming Salute to Summer Festival! He gave me some great info on the new Central Park about to open and the event on Thursday for Memorial Day.

Patriotic Productions

I sat down to talk with Bill Williams of Patriotic Productions about the events this weekend with Memorial Day and also about the work he and his wife Evonne are doing all across the country to remember and honor out Veterans and Gold Star Families

The Drive In opens MAY 12th!

I had a chance to talk to Jeff and Jenny Karls about the building of Omaha's first Drive In Theater in years! Take a listen and then head out to Quasar Drive-In for opening night!

Scatter Joy Acres is helping people overcome big problems with the love of animals!

Tim and Dean stopped by the studio with Olivia the baby Kangaroo! I had a chance to talk to them about the work they are doing with people with developmental disabilities and and emotional issues by interacting with animals! They also tell the story of Louisiana and hurricane Ida as they went to help there.

September is Hunger Month

September is Hunger Month and I sat down with Brian Barks CEO and President of the Foodbank For the Heartland to ask him about the need for donations and how it all comes together.