Lucy Chapman

Lucy Chapman

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Bill Wiliams Patriotic Productions Honor Flights and Patriotic Parade

Jonathan Cain of Journey

I spoke with Jonathan Cain today about their upcoming projects, the tour with Toto and PIZZA!  
Journey in concert at the CHI Monday night April 15th, 2024! 

It's wedding season! Isn't it?

I have Robbin Harris in studio talking all things weddings!
Robbin and her husband Marcus own Spotlight Bridal and with Valentines Day over, I thought
maybe we should keep the conversation going for brides!

Bridal fair 2024 is happening on February 24th

Bruce Thiebauth of Bridal Fair joins me to talk about the show and how brides, styles, economy and fashion have changed weddings in the last 50 years!

Need to sell your house fast? This company is legit. Listen!

Ben Souchek, owner of Home Downsizing Solutions Home Buyers came in to the
studio to talk about the difference between legitimate Home Buyers and the scams
that are out there.

Come to a LIVE DRIVE THRU Nativity at Scattered Joy Acres!

Joy Bartling of Scattered Joy Acres talks about the up-coming Drive thru Nativity on December 16, and also all about Scattered Joy Acres!

Trunk or Treat 2023 at McDonald's!

I am heading out to Mc Donald's on Sunday in Elkhorn for Trunk or Treat!
Come out and bring the kids!

La Vista Days Salute to Summer 2023!!

Mitch Beaumont, Communications Director for the City of LaVista came in to tell me about the LaVista Salute to Smmer parade and all day event this Saturday May 27th! How many times have you seen an ad or heard someone talk about an event, and you wanted to go... you think! Listen here to all the fun details and I am SURE you'll want to go to this FREE event!

Ty Pennington is at the Omaha Lawn Flower and Patio show 2023

I had the great pleasure of talking to Ty Pennington about the projects he has been inolved in, the projects coming up and about his appearance at the 2023 Omaha Lawn Flower and Patio Show at the CHI Center this weekend! (February 9-12th 2023)

Dungeon of the Damned Haunted Attraction in Omaha

Aaron Wojkiewicz and partners bought the Hollywood Candy Store and 12th and Jackson and decided they needed to keep the basement haunted! It had been a haunted attraction at one time, so they decided to bring it back to life... or death....