Construction in and around Omaha

As of July 22, 2021

HWY 34/75 between Murray (N-1) and HWY 66 in Plattsmouth various lane closures until 2023

I-80 is head to head traffic in the eastbound lanes from 78th to 87th due to bridge repair through August. This will include on/off ramp closures in the area

Bridge repair on I-80 from 84th to 480 and HWY 75/North Freeway all around the 480 area; various lane and ramp restrictions and closures until 2023

Bridge work on HWY 66 over the Salt Creek near the HWY 6 interchange. Lane restrictions both directions (8/31)

Various lane restrictions in both directions from Skyline Dr to the Waterloo/228th St on Dodge until Fall 2021

Over night construction will have lane restrictions on 680 NB between Pacific and Dodge and also the exit to Dodge will be closed. Usually opens around 5AM well before traffic picks up.

I-880 both east and westbound 5 miles west of Neola: Lane restrictions (12/1)

I-29 both north and south bound AVE G to the 480 Merge, lane restrictions and Lane shifts (6/2022)

480 between about 20th in Omaha and Exit 53A (in Iowa) both north and south bound, lane restrictions (11/4)

On ramp to 480 WB from 36th St/Ave A is closed Use Broadway to access 480 (TFN)

HWY 31/204th Various lane restrictions at various points between Elkhorn and all the way through Gretna until Spring 2022 *Dodge to I-80

Overnight lane restrictions until October on I-80 from Ashland Exit to HWY 50 *MM 426 to MM 440

I-80 WB from HWY 50 to 370 overnight lane restrictions

680 from Irvington (HWY 133/Exit 6) to I-80 in both directions various lane restrictions and ramp closures at times overnight for road work.

275 From HWY 36 to Morningside Road in Fremont in both directions; various lane restrictions at various points thru August

HWY 75 Blair north to Herman road work will slow things down at various points (11/2022)

Lane restrictions on Broadway in Council Bluffs west side of the viaduct (16th) both directions (TFN)

Hwy 50 south of Louisville between Hwy 1 and Church Rd, the roadway is reduced to one lane with flagger operations on going.

West Sarpy projects (These projects change exact locations and timelines. Be prepared for lane restrictions and closures over the next 3 years 2023)

192nd Devonshire to Bethel road and Schram from 192nd to aprox 189th various lane restrictions and road closures for paving until October

A 9 mile square area in Sarpy County. Roads between Harrison and HWY 370 and 168th and 204th/HWY 31. Various road closures and restrictions

72nd south of Harrison between Josephine and Valley you are head to head traffic in the NB lanes

Cornhusker is closed 181st to 188th (December)

There are a couple of areas down to one lane on 36th south of Capehart in Bellevue for on-going long term road work. Be alert and be prepared to slow down or stop.

78th St is closed north of Mercy for just about a block Pine to Woolworth (10/30)

96th is closed Harrison south to Valley View (TFN)

Northbound 96th has a lane down from Portal to Giles (TFN)

96th is closed south of Center from Hascall to Frederick (at the creek) due to a collapse in the road (9/1)

North and southbound 60th inside left lanes closed between L st and almost to F St (7/26)

Sarpy Ave is closed between Chandler and Harrison (About 30th ish) (8/19)

Ed Babe Gomez between Y St and 33rd St various lane restrictions at times for panel repair (10/19)

Eastbound L st at 55th curb lane closed (8/31)

24th and L in the intersection lane restrictions in all directions (9/30)

Eastbound Center at 64th the curb lane closed (7/26)

Rose Blumkin Dr Dodge to 72nd various lane restrictions. (11/30)

168th Center to Pacific is closed (12/31)

156th From Bennington Road to Howard Lane is closed (about 2 blocked (8/20)

180th/Old Lincoln HWY is closed from north of Dodge to Blondo (11/30)

Blondo is closed 177th to 186th (7/30)

120th ave to 121st St is closed for utility work until 7/25 Think of it mostly as Patrick Ave closed Burdette Cir to 121st St just off Blondo

120th is closed Fort to Maple (January 2023) However, there is local access on each side from Fort St. and Maple

120th Southbound Stonegate (just south of Maple) to the Papio Creek (just north of Maple head to head traffic (11/1)

108th closed Hartman to Ida. (just north of Fort) (7/28)

Dodge both east and westbound inside left lanes are closed for median work 78th to 84th. (8/4)

Westbound Dodge at 49th curb lane is closed (8/30)

Eastbound Dodge at 46th curb lane closed due to a water main break (7/26)

Between State St and 72nd; 75th St is closed (10/01)

Ames Between Fontenelle Blvd (aprox 45th) and 60th various lane restrictions (9/7)

52nd between Miami St all the way to Ames construction; lane restrictions will be in place at different points (8/7)

Southbound 30th at Bondesson (just south of McKinley near the Shell Station) lane restrictions (7/22)

NB 8th St closed downtown Douglas to Farnam until (7/31/2021) (Southbound is open)

Douglas St right lane closed 14th to 8th (10/15)

Douglas St left lane closed at 11th st (8/19)

Riverfront Dr is closed from just south of the Bob Kerry Pedestrian bridge to Heartland Park for the Riverfront development project (8/2022)

17th and 18th Howard to Harney lane restrictions (8/2022)

Farnam between 13th to 10th (9/30) AND 17th (8/2)

Eastbound Cuming 20th for about a block to Florence BLVD Lane restrictions (8/6)

Eastbound Cuming 24th lane restrictions (8/4)

10th and Harney various lane restrictions (8/20)

Harney 17th to 13th various lane restrictions (7/28)

17th Dodge to Douglas lane restrictions (7/23)

Jones 14th to 16th brick replacement will cause lane restrictions (8/4)

12th St Jones to Leavenworth lane restrictions (8/19)

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