As of October 11 2019 Nebraska Road Closures due to flooding:

Bridges out (road closed):

680 is OPEN Mormon Bridge to I-29

I-29 is OPEN Sioux City to Kansas City! (and beyond!)

Exits along I-29 are closed in Iowa at 66 (Honey Creek) 24 (Bartlett) and 20 (McPaul/Thurman)

HWY 333 Near Hamburg in Iowa is closed from I-29 to 275

275 from the Missouri State Line to HWY 333 closed

HWY 11 in Butte

HWY 13 near Norfolk in Hadar Until late Fall

HWY 30 Rogers to North Bend road construction (11/16)

HWY 36 around Bennington road construction

HWY 56 near Cedar Rapids Until late August

HWY 57 in Stanton Until late Fall

HWY 66 Oak Road to Oak Street in Valparaiso bridge is closed over North Oak Creek Until November

HWY 77 in Fremont Ridgeland Ave to W 4th (OPEN with lane restrictions)

HWY 94 in Pender

HWY 97 Brownlee Rd to Cedar Bay near Valentine lane restrictions/closures (Some conflicting reports)

HWY 121 near Crofton

HWY 136 Closed from near Brownville to I-29 in Missouri

HWY 159 closed from Rulo to Graystone Rd in Missouri (near St Joe)

HWY 275 Wisner to West Point road work until late fall

HWY 281 Oil Road to N-12 near Spencer (OPEN with lane restrictions)

NEW Traffic patterns on 72nd SOUTHBOUND to access I-80: To go WESTBOUND stay in the curb lane. For EASTBOUND use the center lane. The curb lane now ends at the 80 WB on ramp

Eastbound I-80 from MM 480 to 426 (about the Greenwood exit to Mahoney Park exit) lane restrictions (intermittent) scheduled to run until Nov 15th

HWY 36 (Pawnee Rd) and HWY 31 (204th) the round about is being put in in the intersection and will be slow with lane restrictions until November (11/04)

HWY 31 from HWY 6 (near the entrance to Nebraska Crossing Mall) all the way to Fishery Road on the other side of Schram Park (10/15)

8th St closed downtown Douglas to Farnam until 2021

Dutch Hall road closed 264th to CR 30 (this is just north of HWY 36; west of Elkhorn River)

138th is closed from Rainwood Road to State St (11/15)

370 lane restrictions in both directions 72nd to 54th (TFN)

HWY 50 NB at Capehart lane restrictions (10/30)

84th from Harrison to Giles lane restrictions (10/31)

90th Southbound at Q lane restrictions (10/11)

96th and Q in the intersection lane restrictions (10/18)

95th and Mockingbird the intersection is closed (10/11) (just north of Q. Residential)

Q St Bridge is closed 26th St to 27th St.(From the JFK SB the off ramp to Q St is closed) (11/2019)

Harrison closed 147th to 150th (11/2019)

Capehart is closed 138th to 144th until October 1st for paving. (10/01) (Local traffic will be able to access their homes during the construction)

108th between Q and Madison (just north of Harrison) periodically closed to thru traffic; local traffic allowed (November 2019)

WB Center at 87th lane restrictions (10/26)

Eastbound Pacific at 96th curb lane closed (10/13)

Westbound Arbor 60th to 64th lane restrictions (this is the road that runs just south of Center to the Baxter Arena) (10/16)

46th from A to B just south of Groveris closed (10/19) (residential)

18th closed G to H Near Springlake Dr (10/22) (residential)

48th and Mason just south of Leavenworth; lane restrictions (10/11)

50th St from Underwood to California; daily lane restrictions 9-3 (11/15)

Eastbound Dodge 48th to 46th lane restrictions (right lane closed) daily 9-3 (10/14)

Dodge Construction WB at 62nd, 72nd, 84th and 90th. Curb lanes closed at all 3 locations (10/30)

Eastbound Maple 68th to 67th Curb lane closed (10/22)

Maple Various lane restrictions 108th to 170th (November)

Bridge work on Maple at 118th still has traffic down to one lane each direction (11/15)

Maple at the intersection of 72nd road work (10/15)

Blondo closed until October 156th west to 162nd.

156th Pepperwood (just north of Dodge) to Blondo. lane restrictions (3/2021)

156th is open to Maple but narrow and slow.

NB 156th FROM Maple north for about a block to Spaulding; lane restrictions (10/11)

NW Radial will see various lane restrictions from Cuming to Spencer St in Benson. Both directions. Currently, from 60th only the left lane open (12/1)

EB Military From Pinkney (near St Bernards Church) to Emmett (in Benson) (10/11)

Storz Expressway between the North Freeway/75 and Florence BLVD lane restrictions (10/26)

49th is closed JUST off Sorenson to Kansas Ave (About 2 blocks) (10/31)

Ames 46th to 50th lane restrictions (10/31)

60th Spaulding to Grande (both north and south bound and both north and south of Ames) lane restrictions (10/31)

Milling ON Grande 52nd to 60th is also causing delays in this area.(10/11)

SB Saddle Creek at Douglas (this is the bottom of the ramp from Dodge EB) lane restrictions (10/10)

Blair High Rd/90th/Military various lane restrictions along this stretch of road at various points until mid November

132nd and Center in the intersection and in all directions from the the intersection lane restrictions until November

(129th to 135th: Kingswood to Arbor) (The intersection will close overnight tonight)

Old Lincoln HWY still closed This is in West Omaha aprox 180th Blondo to Dodge. NOT IN IOWA THAT RUNS ALONG 680

Park Ave is closed from Martha/Ed Creighton to Shirley (about a block along Hanscom Park) (10/23)

13th St is closed Farnam to Douglas for the Gene Leahy mall project until May of 2020

13th Jones lane restrictions (10/14)

13th and Douglas in the intersection lane restrictions (11/1)

Douglas St in Downtown Omaha is now a no parking street from 14th to 10th (December)

16th Burt to Mike Fahey closed (June 2020)

37th is closed Harney to Farnam (TFN) Also Harney in this area 37th to 34th lane restrictions (2020)

Farnam at 36th to 38th; Farnam 10th to 16th Farnam 19th to 20th (1/2020) 37th Farnam to Harney lane restrictions (5/2020)

In Iowa:

Road work has lane restrictions under I-80 on HWY 6 in both directions (11/2019)

If you are on 29SB north of Council Bluffs and you are wanting to access 80 EASTBOUND, a new exit is open: Exit 51 Express Lane If you miss it, use Madison exit or 92/275 exit to turn around


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