As of November 18 2019

680 is OPEN Mormon Bridge to I-29 with lane restrictions

Both North and Southbound I-29 is open with lane restrictions 25th St Exit to 16th St exit

Exits along I-29 are closed in Iowa at 66 /Honey Creek NB exit ramp is closed; 24 (Bartlett) and 20 (McPaul/Thurman)

This is the LATEST info I have according to the 511 Nebraska site

HWY 11 in Butte closed (No end date given)

HWY 13 near Norfolk in Hadar until "winter of 2019"

15 near Wayne State College lane restrictions "fall of 2019"

HWY 16 in Pender lane restrictions (11/30)

HWY 30 Rogers to North Bend road construction (11/16/2020)

HWY 36 around Bennington road construction

HWY 56 near Cedar Rapids construction ; lane restrictions (No end date given)

HWY 66 Oak Road to Oak Street in Valparaiso bridge is closed over North Oak Creek (11/29)

HWY 66 Southbend to HWY 50 lane restrictions (12/31)

HWY 77 in Fremont Ridgeland Ave to W 4th (OPEN with lane restrictions) (No end date given)

HWY 92 lane restrictions between HWY 81 to HWY 15 near Rising City lane restrictions (No end date given)

HWY 97 Brownlee Rd to Cedar Bay south of Valentine; bridge closed (No end date given)

HWY 121 near Crofton bridge closed "winter of 2019"

HWY 275 Wisner to West Point road work (11/30)

HWY 31 Various lane restrictions continue HWY 6 to Plattview Road (TFN)

HWY 36 (Pawnee Rd) and HWY 31 (204th) the round about is being put in in the intersection and will be slow with lane restrictions until November (12/15)

25th Lynnwood Dr to Town Center Drive in Bellevue closed until May 2020. Follow the detour posted

192ND CLOSED 370 TO SCHRAM RD (March 2020)

GILES CLOSED 168TH TO 180th (March 2020)

370 lane restrictions in both directions 66th to 60th (TFN)

Q St Bridge is closed 26th St to 27th St. (12/31)

EB L st at the JFK lane restrictions daily 9-3 (11/19)

L st lane restrictions in both directions 96th to 102nd (11/19)

WB L st at 50th lane restrictions (11/26)

108th between Q and Madison (just north of Harrison) periodically closed to thru traffic; local traffic allowed (1/31/2020)

EB Q St at 107th; lane restrictions (11/20)

50th St from Underwood for about a block south to California; closed daily 9-3 (11/30)

WB Leavenworth 42nd to 43rd lane restrictions (11/20)

SB Saddle Creek at Emile curb lane closed (11/20)

SB 42nd at Grover inside left lane is closed (11/20)

F St is closed 42nd west to G St (approx 46th St) (11/20)

Eastbound Pacific 96th to 95th lane restrictions (11/18)

Pacific 119th to 120th lane restrictions both directions (12/2)

20th and Vinton in the intersection lane restrictions (11/21)

N St is closed 24th to 23rd is closed (12/9)

I st at 102nd/F St is closed for a water main break (11/25)

State st is closed 72nd west to 75th (11/20)

192nd Dodge to Pacific lane restrictions. If you are SOUTHBOUND on 192nd there is NO ACCESS TO EASTBOUND Dodge ALSO if you are NORTHBOUND no access to WESTBOUND Dodge (11/27)

Dodge Construction WB at 33rd, 42nd (lane restrictions 41st to 49th), 62nd, 72nd, 84th and 90th. Curb lanes closed at all locations (11/28)

Maple 66th to 78th road work both directions this includes the intersection at 72nd with no left turns allowed (11/30)

Eastbound Maple 90th to Keystone Dr lane restrictions (11/30)

Bridge work on Maple at 118th has you head to head in the eastbound lanes. (11/30)

SB 168th lane restrictions Western to Boyle (just north of Dodge) (11/20)

156th Pepperwood (just north of Dodge) to Corby. lane restrictions. 156th is open to Maple but narrow and slow. No left turns (3/2021)

EB Military from 68th to 65th various lane restrictions (11/20)

NW Radial Long term road work has various lane restrictions from Cuming to Benson through December

NB 60th Pratt to Sprague lane restrictions (11/28)

NB 42nd Sorensen PKWY to Himebaugh lane restrictions (TFN)

Blair High Rd/90th/Military various lane restrictions along this stretch of road at various points (11/20)

90th Bedford to Maple a water main break has you down to one lane each direction (11/19)

WB Military Ave at Browne (aprox 80th) for about a block lane restrictions (11/22)

Lane restrictions on Military Ave in front of Marian HS for about a block eastbound Keystone Dr to Aurora Dr (11/20)

NB 30th and Potter lane restrictions (11/21)

Pershing Dr 16th to 9th/Abbott Dr. Closed for RR track repair/replace (11/19)

8th St closed downtown Douglas to Farnam until 2021

20th Woolworth to Pierce closed for a water main break (11/20)

NB Park Ave Leavenworth to St Marys lane restrictions (11/18)

13th St is closed Farnam to Douglas for the Gene Leahy mall project until May of 2020

13th St SB Leavenworth to Jones lane restrictions (1/11/20)

Jackson closed 17th to 18th for a water main break (11/30)

Douglas St in Downtown Omaha the 2 right lanes are closed 14th to 10th

SB 14th Lane restrictions at Howard. (11/19)

16th Burt to Mike Fahey closed (June 2020)

Farnam 19th to 20th WB Lane restrictions (Feb/2020)

37th Farnam to Harney closed (May/2020)

Harney 37th to 36th lane restrictions (May/2020)

Construction in Iowa:

HWY 6 under I-80 lane restrictions in both directions (11/20)

I-80 over HWY 6 lane restrictions in both directions (12/31)

I-880 Old Lincoln HWY to the Logan Exit (21) lane restrictions in both directions


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