Construction in and around Omaha

As of June 14, 2024

Baseball Championships road closures until 6/28: 12th St from Cass to Mike Fahey St

Mike Fahey St 10th to 13th

State St closed 120th to Blair High Road/HWY 133 (10/15)

HWY 133/Blair High Road lane restrictions in both directions 103rd to Potter (6/14)

HWY 50/144th has bridge work over I-80 n BOTH directions

F St is closed 147th to 150th (7/21)

168th closed about a mile north and south of  State St; and State St is closed aprox 174th to aprox 163rd (12/31)

Northbound 168th Giles to just before Harrison lane restrictions and southbound is closed (8/15)

The intersection of 192nd both under Dodge and on the Expressway; lane restrictions and overnight ramp closures (12/31)

Bridge closures/lane restrictions OVER the North Freeway/HWY 75:

Ames St Bridge is open. Could still see lane restrictions (TFN)

Bristol Stt Bridge is closed (6/17)

Hamilton St Bridge is closed (11/30)

Binney St Bridge is closed (6/30)

Further information:

Spring and Summer:

  • Overnight resurfacing work on US-75 will resume.
  • Bridge structure painting will resume resulting in the extended closure of 1 lane on US-75 in both the northbound and southbound directions.
  • Bridge repairs on Ames Ave. over US-75 will commence, this work will be phased with lane closures on Ames Ave.

Northbound HWY 34/75 over the Platte River right lane closed due to construction of a pedestrian bridge (8/1)

Look for various lane restrictions in both directions on I-29 between exits 56 (16th St) to exit 61 (approaching 680)

HWY 59 in Iowa is closed over the Nishnabotna River just north of Shenandoah use HWY 48 and 34 as Alt Route (8/1)

HWY 59 in Iowa just south of Avoca; construction; lane restrictions (7/25)

180th closed from HWY 370 south for about a mile until Summer 2024

60th St between Mass Road and Capehart road work begins Monday (6/17) with lane restrictions and occasional closures

Ames Ave between 25th Ave and N 28th Ave various lane restrictions for bridge repair (8/7)

16th St between Clark St (4 blocks north of Cuming) to Pinkney (about 6 blocks north of Locust) various lane restrictions and closures (8/31)

18th is closed Ohio to Locust (10/10)

18th Grace to Willis Ave is closed (6/25)

Corby is closed 16th to 18th (10/10)

(Residential) Forest Lawn from Craig Ave to 36th St is closed (6/18)

(Residential) 33rd and Forest Lawn; intersection closed (6/18)

Manderson (6 blocks south of Ames) is closed 30th to John A Creighton (aprox 31st ave) (6/18)

Florence BLVD Read to Sharon is closed (12/31)

30th Ellison Ave to Laurel Ave right lane closed (6/15)

Southbound 30th Lane restrictions Hanover to Ernst (at Walgreens) (6/18)

33rd St is closed (behind Bakers on 30th) between Craig Ave to King St (6/18)

Scott Cir (south side of Baker's) is closed from 30th (6/18)

Maple 68th Ave to 65th eastbound lane restrictions (8/10) (Benson)

(Residential) 126th is closed off of Fort St (6/14)

NW Radial HWY from Grant to Blondo lane restrictions (about 2 blocks south of the Fontenelle Blvd/Military Ave intersection) (6/25)

Just east of NW Radial HWY: Military Ave has lane restrictions Grant to Hamilton (6/24)

St Mary's Ave lane restrictions 24th to 25th (6/17)

14th is closed Farnam to Douglas (Feb 2026)

15th lane restrictions Farnam to Douglas (Feb 2026)

Farnam 37th to 33rd various lane restrictions (6/25)

Farnam 37th to 38th various lane restrictions (9/2)

37th and 38th are closed Farnam to Harney (7/6)

Harney 37th to 39th lane restrictions (8/30)

Farnam and Douglas between 14th and 15th lane restrictions (Feb 2026)

Jones 14th and 15th lane restrictions (6/12) (This is still showing as active on construction map 6/14/24)

Eastbound L St 26th to 24th lane restrictions (6/23)

Southbound 13th William to Pine lane restrictions (9/6)

Intersection of Saddle Creek and Leavenworth; various lane restrictions (12/13)

Pierce St is closed 20th to 21st (6/15)

(Residential) Leavenworth is closed from 6th St to the Roundabout (6/22)

Douglas St lane restrictions Saddle Creek to 44th (the road on the north side of Don & Millie's) (6/14)

48th is closed Dodge to Douglas (7/2025)

44th lane restrictions Douglas to Farnam (6/14)

Eastbound Dodge 46th to Saddle Creek off ramp lane restrictions (12/31)

Dodge Westbound 38th to 40th right lane closed (8/30)

33rd is closed Cass to Chicago (6/20)

(Behind Methodist on the Hospital campus) Farnam Dr between Beverly Dr and Harney St Lane restrictions (6/17)

108th is closed from Burt Cir (the 3 way intersection north of Dodge frontage road) to Decatur (just before Blondo) for street widening (7/31)

168th Center to Q St. lane restrictions both directions. Southbound lane construction will continue through December, then Northbound lanes through December 2024

Pacific 91st Ave to 96th lane restrictions: one lane in each direction for utility work in the westbound lanes (6/20)

120th Center south to I (eye) St various lane restrictions (6/17)

(Business Dist) 145th is closed between Industrial Frontage Road and Grover (6/27)

Eastbound Q St Magnolia (Aprox 123rd) to 122nd the right lane is closed (6/26)

Millard Ave is one lane each direction from 138th to 136th for bridge work (7/31/2025)

Northbound 144th from Drexel to just past Stoney Brooke Blvd lane restrictions THEN on to Millard Ave to U St is closed (8/15) (See picture below)

Q St is closed 46th to 48th (7/8)

Northbound 72nd at Main (Ralston area) lane restrictions (6/14)

Northbound 72nd F St to I-80 is CLOSED (lane restrictions start at J St (12/8)

Northbound 72nd Cedar to Mercy right lane closed (6/20)

Southbound 72nd Shirley to Cedar (in front of College of St Mary) right lane closed (6/17)

Southbound 24th approaching Martha lane restrictions (6/14)

(Residential) 19th St between Q and S is closed (6/13) (This is still showing as active on construction map 6/14/24)

(This is still showing as active on construction map 6/14/24)

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