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I felt like Peter from the Family Guy yesterday

I stopped at Costco yesterday to pick up a couple of things when I happened in to the bakery area. KEY LIME PIE is back!!!

I like to cut it up in to individual pieces, freeze the pieces unwrapped and then, once they are frozen, you can wrap in parchment paper, put them

in a seal a meal bag and freeze them so you can have a piece whenever you want for months! UNLESS.....

You SWEAR it was secure between large objects in the trunk and when you get home, it is sideways with half of it on the trunk floor, but you think

you can salvage the half still in the container until you realize the container is flimsy plastic that will fold the minute it is not secure by having the

lid on it and you are trying to get one side when it starts to fall out the other side and now there is key lime pie in the trunk, on the car, in the

driveway and on both your shirt and pants... oh and shoe, I discovered later. I hope the people across the street have a camera pointed in

my direction. I think it would look a lot like this scene from Family Guy

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