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Very Different Weeks for Trump, Biden

"Dukes of Hazzard" Star Tom Wopat

Senate Candidate Osborn on Trump's Ovation to Labor

Trump / Biden / Jack Black / Hawk Tuah

And last night's national anthem at the Home Run Derby.  We truly cover it all today!

"Problem Almost Solved" (and Other Disgusting Responses to the Trump Shooting)

The Biden Watch

Mike Love ("Of the Beach Boys")

The legend joins us for a few minutes before the Boys are back here for this weekend's concert.


And other observations about why so many drivers around here are terrible.

"Proclaiming Christ in a Secular Culture"

Former "Lutheran Hour" host Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz joins me to talk about his work in DC with the Lutheran Center of Religious Liberties, and preview his presentation here in Omaha next weekend.

From Biden to Axel Foley

And how I have contributed to global hunger.