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The Turkey Chemicals/TSA Rant

Scott's Mentally on Holiday, Physically at Work

I provide my VERY offensive thoughts on seasonal separation, talk with "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" actress McKenna Grace, highlight the ABIDE/Mobility for Humanity partnership (and congratulate "dad" Josh Dotzler), tell you how Friday night's "Songs and Stories" concert went, and more on this Monday of a holiday week.

Transitioning Away from a Transition

Ethan was transitioning into Crystal at a very young age when he changed his mind. Does he feel like he (and maybe others) got pushed in that direction by irresponsible adults?

Trump, Ticketmaster Tick Everyone Off

Nice Show if You Can Hear It

Due to the ongoing, annoying transmitter issues this morning, many listeners weren't able to hear this broadcast. Now, thanks to amazing podcast technology ... you'll realize you didn't really miss anything!

Injustice Against Elkhorn North Student

I can't believe what they're doing to this student-athlete, and start the show with that story. Then, we discuss climate change activists, "The Jews," a rare parenting attempt by me to my son, and this alleged snow allegedly heading towards Omaha (allegedly).

"Just You and I"

Lucy and I hosted the entire stretch today from 5 to 11 a.m. I posted an early segment to show that things went off the rails right away, and then the traditional "Pack of Lies" show, which included Republicans voting for Democrats, Trump being Trump, climate change, Gallagher, and more.

Coming to Terms with the Midterms

So ... what was THAT all about, America?

Trust and Elections

Almost Time to Subjugate the Women!

It's not all election stuff today; we also warn against licking toads.