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Comedian Aaron Weber on Pitching, Fatherhood, and Raccoons

Restoring Felons' Right to Vote

Dee Dee Gatson of Q.U.E.E.N.S Butterfly House works with previously incarcerated women like herself, and has been hoping for this action by the Unicameral -- even if she won't benefit from it for several years.

Eating Biden's Uncle

I hear that kind of thing is frowned upon.

Teacher, I Need You

There's still a lot of dead horse to beat with this story of the substitute teacher, and I'm just the horrible man to do it.  (That's not all we talked about.)

Pro-Life Advocates Say "Decline to Sign"

Sarah and Dan present their problems with a petition drive that would create a state constitutional amendment on a women's right to choose.  After a lot of great conversation about that, I move on to the REAL outrages in society: Girls in star-spangled outfits, CBS cutting off the Piano Man, and more.

Sheriff Hanson on Suspicious Vehicles, Migrant Issues, No-Cash Bail, and more

Grassley on Israel-Iran, Trump's Latest Legal Issues

SheJack / OJ / Larry the Cable Guy

After laughing at Sheila Jackson Lee doubling down on dumb, we get the breaking news that The Juice has died ... which ended up being part of our conversation with Larry the Cable Guy.

John Ewing Hopes to Move from Treasurer's to Mayor's Office

NE "Red State" Earns Red Scorn

Gov. Pillen responds to last night's rally by Charlie Kirk, the Daily Wire responds to the Unicameral's failure to keep men out of women's locker rooms, and I respond to the response of Wall Street to the inflation numbers.  I hope you respond to today's podcast.  Has anyone seen my thesaurus?