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Snucking Out the Snake Venom

New Domestic Terrorists / Chaffetz / Binkley / Fashion Cleaners

Here's a patchwork quilt of talk radio interviews from this morning's show (including my live broadcast from Fashion Cleaners): A rep from the Media Research Center on the latest ways conservatives are being targeted by the government, former Congressman Jason Chaffetz talking about "The Puppeteers," presidential candidate Ryan Binkley defending his longshot campaign, and Fashion Cleaners owner Kermit Engh putting up with my inane questions about his life's work.

Fat Fliers / Grassley / Who's Your Daddy

Wanna get a-weighed? We discuss that, talk with Sen. Grassley about our nation's debt, look at Gov. Pillen's fatherhood awareness initiative, and more (all while eating little chocolate donuts).

Gradoville and Wood Work for Change

Nikki's husband, Chris, was taken from her nearly two years ago. Amber's daughter, Karly, was killed last November. Working to turn tragedy into meaningful change, the two women talk about changes we need to see here in Omaha so more families don't have to go through this.

Home Valuation Through the Roof? Here's Why, and What To Do!

Newly elected Douglas County Assessor Walt Peffer hears you: Your valuations skyrocketed this past year. Though death and taxes are still unavoidable, there may be something you can do about these particular taxes.

M4K's "Commodore" Has Arrived

Just one more thing Omaha is #1 at: Dudes growing mustaches for great causes!

Spike Cohen's Libertarian Utopia

The 2020 Libertarian VP candidate joins me for a wide-ranging conversation about government spending, social issues, and more.

Dealing with Omaha's Crime Issues

Amber Wood and Brian Riley discuss root causes, and potential solutions, of Omaha's crime problems -- particularly with youth.

Omahan Makes National Tour Debut in "Hairspray"

I get to spend a few minutes with Bellevue West grad Lauren Johnson before "Hairspray" hits the Orpheum stage next week in her hometown.

Not Enough "Kink"?!?

This movie review in the New York Times has me raising all of my eyebrows.