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An Update on KFAB's Afternoon Programming

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Dear KFAB Nation,

You've been waiting far too long for details about our weekday afternoon programming on NewsRadio 1110 KFAB ...

... and, unfortunately, we're all going to have to wait a bit longer. I don't know how long that will be.

HOWEVER, you deserve to have some consistent expectation of what you'll get between 2 and 6 p.m. weekday afternoons, and I CAN provide some guidance on that!

Starting Monday from 2-6pm, here is NewsRadio 1110 KFAB's afternoon lineup until further notice:

Monday: Joe Herring (Longtime KFAB guest-host, DailyHerring blogger, A.I. voice aficionado.)

Tuesday: Dave Nabity (Longtime KFAB guest-host, hosts "KFAB's Morning News Saturday" at 6 a.m. each week, can talk for 27 minutes about the drum intro to Toto's "Rosanna.")

Wednesday: Matt Innis (Has more experience on the radio in Lincoln than Omaha so take it easy on him when he mispronounces "Schmaderer," challenged Ben Sasse in the 2020 GOP primary, is sometimes accused of body-slamming authority figures.)

Thursday: Thor Schrock (Longtime KFAB Sunday 7am host of "Compute This," owner of Schrock Innovations computer company, doesn't only talk about computers but he's REALLY GOOD at talking about computers.)

Friday: Chip Maxwell (Longtime KFAB guest-host, co-hosts KFAB's Sat. 10a and Sun. 9a "Retire Smart" show, can recite the Constitution backwards ... in Pig Latin.)

IMPORTANT: The reason we have yet to name a new, full-time host has nothing to do with anyone who has or hasn't already guest-hosted a program for us. It is incorrect to assume we've been putting on a variety of hosts because no one who has done it yet has worked out, or that the names of anyone you'll undoubtedly post in response to this message haven't occurred to us.

There are still "entanglements" we need to deal with related to this opening on our station, and I value our guest-hosts for helping establish some constancy during this time.

More than that, though, I truly value you for listening to our radio station and being engaged in these important issues we discuss every day ... even if all we can do is laugh and try to get through the day together!

--Scott Voorhees

NewsRadio 1110 KFAB program director

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