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iPhone Update Moved Safari's Nav. Bar (Here's How to Move It Back!)

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I'm officially old: The latest iPhone update has RUINED MY LIFE!!!

(Ok, I was probably officially old when I started going gray at the age of 20, but -- still -- this new iPhone update is INEXCUSABLE!!!)

I HATE the way notifications and the weather are displayed, and probably other things I haven't discovered yet. But, the change that has social media on fire is that some hellspawned demon thought it was a good idea to move the navigation bar in Safari from the top (where God intended it) to the bottom of the screen (closer to Hell).

That's totally sus and not bussin'. (See, look how young I am!)

If you are also ready to smash your phone with a ball-peen hammer ("ball-peen" is one of the funniest words ever), here's how you do it:

Go to Settings, and choose "Safari":

Then, change your phone from "Tab Bar" to "Single Tab" here:

Then ... that's it! Your navigation bar is back on top where it's supposed to be! Congratulations on following this two-step technical process. Maybe you won't need this guy:

Photo: Voorhees, Scott

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