Papio Students Protest Mask Mandates

This past Friday morning, students at Papillion - La Vista High School were able to attend class without a face covering. This morning, with the weekend addition of a mask mandate in Papio schools, students who didn't comply told me they were removed from the school by law enforcment.

CLICK HERE for my conversation with Papio senior Caleb, who was among the protesters.

Here are some texts from a PLVS student this morning, shared with me by his father:

Photo: Voorhees, Scott

When an Omaha Public Schools student addressed her school board this month, one of the members of the board seemed to turn his back to her while she spoke, as he did when an adult spoke to the board earlier. Here is that video (the board member seen here is Marque Snow):

I have reached out to board member Snow and board president Shavonna Holman for comment, and will post that here if I receive a response.

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