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12x CO2 Levels Found in Kids with Masks

Kids in Masks


Researchers in Poland, Germany and Austria have discovered that children have been exposed to harmful levels of carbon dioxide from wearing masks.

In a study that included 45 children, each child was tested twice for three minutes. For each child, one of the three-minute periods were used to measure the carbon dioxide inhaled and the other three minutes were to count the carbon dioxide exhaled.

The youngest children in the group, who were 6 years old, had 1.7 percent carbon levels. The oldest teens, from 15 to 18, had levels around 1.4 percent. The average carbon dioxide on a child's breath is 0.04 percent and the maximum healthy level is 0.2 percent.

Researchers noted that some complaints the children made during the study were often side effects of an increased carbon dioxide level.

With only 45 children in the study, it can not be used to represent all populations, but with every child recording at least three times healthy levels of carbon dioxide, researchers believe they did find a worthy trend.

They also noted that since the research was done in a laboratory setting, some of the children may have been apprehensive and not breathing in a normal way.

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