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Creighton is "Wrestling with Whiteness"


Creighton has a new offering for students that starts this Thursday, and runs for the next five weeks:

CLICK HERE for the link on Creighton's site.

They seem to be the latest Jesuit institution to offer this, as a group calling itself the Ignatian Solidarity Network is promoting this along with its mission to "Provide resources to Jesuit ministries engaging in social justice education and advocacy."

CLICK HERE to learn more about these sessions, including "Session 2- Implicit Bias, Stereotype Threat and Racial Anxiety: How they show up in our lives and work and how do we free ourselves from invisible habits and instincts we don’t even know we have? [What] does it mean to enter into this work believing we are loved by G-d, complicity in the sin of racism, and do the spiritual work we need to get free to love?"

A religious group concerned about spelling out GOD is a red flag for me, but others say it's common among some religious beliefs.

I'm more concerned with a white person's "implicit" racism just because of the color of their skin, and how the assertions made in this class are part of a "shared understanding" (i.e. "This is how it is; there will be no discussion or debate") that every white person is racist and is in a better place in life right now due to their white privilege, which constructs a society based on white supremacy. What a miserable outlook on humanity and the life we share.

Don't they realize that most people, if just left alone and not constantly bombarded with news that is designed to divide us, get along just fine in this country?

CLICK HERE to listen to me mock this course on this morning's radio show.

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