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Here's the Millard West "Democratic Socialism" Club Flier

This flier was included in the student announcement e-mail that went out over the weekend, about this club that starts next month.

CLICK HERE for this morning's conversation about it, including my interview with the author of Democratic Socialism on Trial.

There were a lot of great e-mails I wanted to get to at the end of this morning's show, but couldn't because I ran out of time. Here are some of those messages:

For those who love Socialism so much , tell them to go join the Military!!! You are given a job , schooling to do your job and in exchange all your basic needs are provided and a paycheck to pay for your wants. For those who say the rich must pay their fair share, the working poor have to DO their fair share.  --Doug

There’s one thing that always confounds me about this “eat the rich” thinking. Do they not notice that all the billionaires are totally on board with their cause? Wonder why that would be? Hmmmm? --Lindsay

Regarding this morning’s segment on the Democrat Socialist Group that is going to meet at Millard West … there has to be ‘a’ person that came up with this idea. ‘Who’ specifically originated the idea? There is one individual that is behind the idea. It has maybe grown into a ‘group,’ but the idea for the group originated with one person. What are their motivations, agenda and intent? And, what is their background? What is the ‘why’ for organizing this group? Count me as a skeptic. I believe the group will NOT be inclusive or tolerate anti-socialist, pro-democracy/capitalism inputs and someone is behind this to push an agenda. Go Big Red! CHRIS

If they allow this group to meet on campus, it seems to me they would be required to let other groups meet. I propose they try to start a Donald J. Trump fan club to meet at the school and see what happens! --James

We have a level playing field.....some play harder than others.  --Wilford

Attaching the adjective "democratic" to socialism is not a new rhetorical tactic. The phrase "democratic socialism" has a long and dismal pedigree. It goes back at least as far as the Russian Revolution. Among the tens of millions starved to death, worked to death and simply murdered by the Russian "democratic" socialists -- Bolsheviks -- in pursuit of their utopia were an entire branch of my family. Lord knows capitalism, especially crony capitalism, has its faults. Nothing is perfect. Advocates of socialism either don't understand or don't admit that the perfect easily becomes the enemy of the good. --John

It’s funny people don’t bitch about entertainers and sports people. Most who make more than 90% of the CEOS in America. It’s just an issue of ignorance of how businesses exist and are created. People only see the ones who were successful like Bezos but they never give money to those who lost everything to try and create a business and jobs. --Ryan

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