"Baseless Claims" -- Trump vs. Obama

I'm hearing the media say the same thing over and over again, all using the phrase that President Trump is making "baseless claims." The media has said this a lot over the past few years about Trump.

Did they EVER say the same thing about President Obama? Not according to Google. Here are the results of searching "Obama makes baseless claims":

Google returned about 2.5 million results, and none of them immediately have anything to do with the media questioning anything Obama said about Obamacare, Benghazi, Russia not being a threat as they invaded Ukraine, the Iran nuclear deal, etc.

Here's the same search, with Trump's name attached:

This time, Google found 18.4 million results, and it's all aimed at Trump.

Did Obama never cause the mainstream media and Google even one single time to say, "Hey, wait a minute" about anything he said?

That's not just impossible -- it's media bias.