Trump's Nebraska Problem

Look at the results (as of 9am today) in Nebraska for those who voted for the Republican in senate and house races, but didn't vote for President Trump:

Sasse received about 26K more votes the Trump. Fortenberry more than 8,000 more. Smith got 3,000+. And in our 2nd District, which may provide that single Electoral College vote Biden needs to hit 270 if he maintains his leads in Michigan and Wisconsin, there were more than 16,500 voters who voted for Bacon but didn't vote for Trump. Those Bacon-not-Trump voters may have given Biden the presidency.

Why? I think it's the easiest puzzle to figure out, because there are only two pieces and they obviously fit together: 1. Trump Fatigue That's Not His Fault ("Geez, every time I turn on the news it's one scandal after another with this guy") and 2. Trump Fatigue That Is His Fault ("I'm tired of the name-calling and the childish battles with the media and him acting like he's the greatest person who ever lived").

This election was never about the policies, it seems. We all usually agree that record low unemployment across socioeconomic demographics, bringing soldiers home, keeping our enemies in check, holding our allies responsible, making our dollar stronger by renegotiating trade deals, and working out deals between Israel and Arab nations are good things.

If President Trump had focused more on those things, would the media (and social media) have allowed him to espouse those views? Highly doubtful. Just look at what's going on this morning, as the President's team is making sure the votes are done correctly, the media is spinning as "Trump Is Trying to Stop Votes From Being Counted." Four years of that is draining ... but is that Trump's fault for handling it poorly at times, or those Bacon-not-Trump voters' fault for not fighting with him?

And, on those policies we used to agree we liked, will they continue in the direction they were going in a Biden administration? I'm not sure, but this feels like a recent Nebraska football scenario. "Well, if we can get at least 9 wins every season with that boorish, embarrassing Pelini as coach, I'm sure we can get at least 9 wins with a nice guy who has been around awhile and won't act like Pelini did ... let's hire Riley."