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West O Residents Creeped Out By This Guy

From esteemed listener Angie this morning:

Hi Scott,

Did you have a white robed guy carrying a cross on your 2020 Bingo card???

The picture is of a “guy” that’s been wandering around West O neighborhoods for over a month. He has been seen in neighborhoods from Village Point all the way to Target on 168th & Center. He likes to meander through back yards and along the cart path of Pacific Springs golf course in broad daylight. Yesterday, around 4:00 I got a frantic phone call from my 12 yo son, who was walking home from school. The guy was standing along the side walk and just stared at him. My son, turned around and ran back to a friend's house. I jumped in my car to go pick him up my son and came across this guy and was able to snap a few pics. Creeper! He saw me taking pics and pointed his cross at me.

Another family said that he stood behind their fence and stared toward their house for several minutes.

Police were called and patrolled around, but I don’t think they found him. I would love to know what this guy's objective is.

Maybe you can mention it on your show and see if there are other similar stories going around??? So far, I don’t think he’s done anything illegal...besides maybe trespassing. But, NO kids in this neighborhood will be walking home alone anytime soon!!!

What else does 2020 have in store for us?

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