"That is Stupid"

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A friend of this KC-area mother lives in Nebraska, listens to NewsRadio 1110 KFAB, and sent me the details of what happened to this young man at school the other day. According to his mom:

It makes me sad that now a days home made is “stupid”. It makes me sad that if something isn’t bought with a certain symbol that a child has to feel less than worthy. All he wanted to do was dress like Mahomes for spirit week. I think he felt special at the beginning of the day because his dad took time to make this shirt for him but that is now clouded by three words, “That is stupid”.

Hopefully, my son learned that even though there are unkind people, he can show kindness to the next kid who has a home made shirt and say, “Your shirt is pretty cool!”

The listener, James in Kearney, who sent me this is hoping Mahomes will see it and send the kid a word of encouragement. He's asked me to put the story out there for you to see, and hopefully share until it gets to someone who can let the Chiefs QB know about it.

I hope, for young Bransen's sake, it works!

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