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Let's See if the Impeachment Hearings Swayed Anyone...

An overwhelming majority of Americans say that anything they hear in the impeachment hearings won't change their minds about impeachment, according to a new poll from NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist.

The news: The poll found that half of Americans approve of the impeachment inquiry, which represents little change from the same poll last month. Respondents remain split about whether or not they think Trump should face impeachment and get removed from office, too.

Still: The poll showed 65% of Americans said they didn't think anything they learned in the impeachment would change their mind or shift their opinion about how they already feel. They've dug in their heels and are sticking to their opinions.

That said: 30% said it's possible they'll hear something that could change their opinion.

What they're saying: "It's a tangible example of just how locked in most Americans are in their partisan positions, even as nearly a dozen people have either testified or are set to testify in the impeachment inquiry," according to NPR.

"We're really not seeing either a backlash or a positive," Barbara Carvalho, director of the Marist Poll, according to NPR. "What we're seeing is people just locking in."

Who's watching?: The poll found that 70% of registered voters are paying "very" or "fairly" close attention to the impeachment inquiry.

Consider: According to Politico, psychological research suggests that what people hear in the impeachment hearings can change someone's mind about the inquiry.

"It's complicated, but it's clear that the questions members of Congress ask in the upcoming impeachment hearings, how they ask them and the responses they elicit from witnesses can have at least some effect on the level of political will for impeachment and for Trump's reelection - and on the future of our union," Politico reported.

(Deseret News)

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