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Local Democrat Supports Trump, Loses Friends

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She's a young, female, pro-LGBT, #metoo'er Democrat. She has to HATE President Trump, right?

Her friends were shocked when they saw what this local woman posted on Facebook this week:

I get to post this.

I get to post that I love America.

I get to post that I am a Democrat.

I get to post that I am pro LGBT🏳️‍🌈

I get to post that I am pro military.

I get to post that I am pro women-#metoo

I get to post that I love refugees.

I get to post that I support border control.

I get to post that I am pro fire, police, and education.

I get to post that I am pro mental health.

I get to post that I am pro FFA.

I get to post that I do no support a socialist country.

I get to post that I am pro NRA.

I get to post that I am pro life.

I get to post whatever I want.

I expect the same respect I give to people that I disagree with. We are not the same. We never will be.

The problem with America, is that you’re supposed to be on one side - and I am simply not. I choose what I believe in and I do not care to argue or be petty.

I am who I am. Just like all the many friends I have. I’m damn brave for posting this. I feel like I can’t be a loud and proud Trump supporter because someone is going to be offended. Well. Try having an adult conversation with me.

Respect me like I respect you. I STILL loved America when Obama was president. I voted for him twice and respected every person I came into contact with who approved of him.

You don’t get to love America 1 day of the year. I never did. I loved it 365. I find that hard to encounter now. So, when I see friends hating on America everyday, and you’re out celebrating how free you are.... damn. That’s something else. It’s super interesting. It bothers me on a personal level.

I get to be a free American, too.🇺🇸❤️

Show your country, military, and president respect always....not just on the day we are deemed “free.”

We are America.🇺🇸💯

And here are a few of the responses:

Who have you become? I am beyond disappointed. You have a right to say what you feel, but that doesn't come without consequence. I am not comfortable calling you a friend at this time. You are willfully walking a path which harms countless individualsin this world. I work every day of my life to fight against the very things you support. The cognitive dissonance you are modeling here is astounding. I hope you find your way.

I get what you are trying to say here but it loses validity when you attach pro trump to it. I love that you are pro everything listed above, that’s awesome. For me, I see Pro-LGBT then yay go Trump and I say yeah that doesn’t go together. By voting for a president and an administration that has been the most anti-LGBT in many years you are turning your back on that community.

You can’t be pro the oppressor and pro the oppressed. That is literally not possible - and it comes from a place of completely unacknowledged privilege to even say that.

And on and on. There are some positive comments, too, as well as some "I don't agree with you, but I still love you" posts. But it's pretty rough reading through the nearly 100 comments she has received. She seems to be handling it well (even posting the picture/comment I posted at the top of this page), but it can't be easy dealing with "coming out" as a Trump supporter when you've always been regarded as a Democrat because you're a young woman and that's what you're supposed to be.

I believe there are more voters like her who didn't vote for Trump in 2016 but are inclined to in 2020 than there are those who voted for him last time but won't this time. When the alternative (right now) is a hybrid of a hair-smelling, post-term-abortion supporting, Native-American-roots lying, gun-grabbing, America-demonizing socialist who only decided there was a problem at the border recently when it was decided to be a political opportunity for you, I can't say I blame her and others like her!

But, whatever you believe, whomever you'll vote for, and whether you wear a rainbow flag or the stars and bars, I hope you have a safe and happy Independence Day while coming together to enjoy something all Americans should be able to support: Grilling food, drinking beer, and blowing sh-t up.

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