Brandon #WalkAway Straka

O'Neill native Brandon Straka left Nebraska for NYC to pursue a career in singing, acting, and voting for Democrats.  After being outraged that Hillary didn't win in 2016, he began a more careful examination of his beliefs, wondering whether they aligned with his political party.  (Spoiler Alert: They didn't.)

Now, this Trump-supporting Republican leads the #WalkAway movement, encouraging others to abandon the Democratic Party.

I had a great time this morning learning Brandon's story, thoughts, and how to pronounce his name.

CLICK HERE for the podcast of our fun conversation this morning, then... HERE to follow Brandon on Twitter, HERE for Facebook, HERE for YouTube, and HERE for Instagram.

(Then, please rest your clicker.  That's a lot of clicking I just asked of you, and I didn't mean to overwhelm you so early in the new year.)

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