The "Pack of Lies" Year-in-Review 2018

Taking down the old calendar to put up a new one does force me to reflect on the past 365 days ... which is overwhelming, because I can't remember what I did last Tuesday, let alone on, say, March 21st.  Maybe I shouldn't take it day-by-day...

It was hard to put together this year's "Best Of" show.  In previous years, all I had to do was slap together a couple of "Steve Apple" calls, some parody songs and dumb comedy bits, a couple of celebrity guests, and voila.

Steve made one appearance on the show in 2018, but it felt out-of-place in a year dominated by politics-politics-politics, another horrific mass shooting, school walkouts, angry marches, Mollie Tibbetts, chasing conservatives out of restaurants, and the various hashtag wars the permanently offended among us constantly wage.

That said, I think 2018 may have been -- collectively -- the most fun I've had in my 22 years in talk radio.  At this point, I've talked about nearly every topic, interviewed nearly every type of individual, and welcomed on to the show nearly every angle a caller has on anything under the sun.  Yet, I am not the least bit bored by this.  

For one, every time I think I've heard it all, I'm usually proven wrong.  Secondly, the lack of "fake guests" and "bits" hasn't dampened the -- hopefully and ideally -- humor we offer up each morning we can get away with it from 9 to 11 a.m.  I haven't had to invent absurdity lately -- it's served up on a silver platter every day by our elected officials and humanity's priceless reactions to their decisions.  All I have to do is present the news, and let the mockery begin.

In today's "Year in Review 2018" show, we featured conversations about Saudi Arabia, a lady dragged out of a Fremont City Council meeting, Kim Jong Un's private toilet, and more (among the standard slate of celebrity guests, live music, and the Call of the Year).  

CLICK HERE to listen to the Pack of Lies' "Urine Review" 2018.

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