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A New Kind of Brothel

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Sex Doll Brothel Opening in Toronto, First in North America


A sex doll brothel is set to open in Toronto next month that will sell sex services with life-size silicone dolls and is the first known one in North America, according to The Toronto Star. 

The company behind the brothel, Aura Dolls, says it will cost $80 for a half-hour with a doll, $120 for an hour, and $480 for the maximum of four hours.  FOUR HOURS?!?!?  WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE????  I PROBABLY SHOULDN'T WANT TO KNOW, BUT I WANT TO KNOW!!!!

There will be staff working there, but the company said there shouldn't have to be any interaction with them so that people don't feel uncomfortable or awkward. BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE ABOUT THIS IS AWKWARD!

The dolls are cleaned after each booking with a three-step process (I WOULD REQUIRE AN 83-STEP PROCESS), however Aura's website says they "highly recommend" that condoms be used. WEAR THREE, JUST IN CASE.

A company representative told the Star that the only law in Toronto regarding the dolls is that they have to be certain height because they can't resemble a child (GOOD LORD, THIS CONVERSATION IS REALLY HAPPENING), and they follow that regulation. However, one Toronto lawmaker is looking into whether the brothel is legal, saying that he's been getting complaints from constituents since the news got out. Councillor John Filion told the Star that his staff will be, quote, "throwing the book at [Aura Dolls] for everything they can."  NOT SURE THAT'S A GOOD IDEA -- I DON'T KNOW IF I WANT THE KIND OF GUYS WHO PATRONIZE THIS ESTABLISHMENT JUST OUT WALKING THE STREETS WITHOUT THEIR PSYCHOTIC NEEDS MET.

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