Kennedy's Take on "Medicare for All"

Here is the survey that came out yesterday:

A significant majority of Americans now support Medicare-for-all, according to a new Reuters poll out yesterday that found seven in 10 people back the idea that's been championed by progressives. While 84.5 percent of Democrats support the idea of letting all Americans have publicly-funded health insurance the way that seniors do under Medicare, the poll found it's also backed by 51.9 percent of Republicans. Such insurance would cover all medically necessary services without co-pays or deductibles. 

And here is a portion of Fox News pundit Kennedy's response:

We all know what happens with socialized medicine: rationing and stagnant care.

In Canada, wait times to see specialists have skyrocketed almost 200 percent, and you have to sit on your abscess for an average of four months to see someone about your cancer or infection or bum knee.

You think millennials want to wait for any kind of medicine or procedure, let alone an Uber? Not a chance, but these non-voting utopians are the ones leading the hollow charge.

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