Blogger: Trump is a Nazi, Will Come for Jews Next

From the blog post ...

It’s no accident US immigrations officials are telling parents they’re taking kids to “bathe,” then making them disappear … and then telling their parents they will never see them again.  This ghoulish reminder of Auschwitz shames us all. It should also terrify us.

Like Adolph, Donald can’t rule without making America hate again. Immigrants and Muslims are where he started. Hispanics, blacks, Iranians, Asians, “globalists,” not to mention gays, Jehovah’s Witnesses, people with disabilities … it’s all the same.

Want to read more of this piece titled "Immigrants & Muslims Are Trump's Jews ... Until He Comes for the Actual Jews"?  CLICK HERE and slide down the rabbit hole!

(You can hear KFAB listeners respond to the question of what they want President Trump to do about this issue -- CLICK HERE for the podcast of this morning's callers.)

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