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Woman Starts Chain of Kindness with a $20

For the past 20 years Pamela Gail Johnson has had a secret. A secret she's been terrible at keeping.

"Well, what good is a secret you can't tell, right," Johnson asked with a laugh.

What Pamela has been so quick to share is that even though we're bombarded with bad news, secretly we're all happy.

To prove her point, Pamela created 'The Secret Society of Happy People. The goal? To help others find joy in the small things.

Things like a $20 bill.

Earlier this week, Pamela passed out hundreds of her own dollars to total strangers on one condition: they use the money to make someone happy.

Many of them took cameras to document their good deeds.

One woman used the $20 to buy lunch for a co-worker. Another woman bought jeans for a hardworking employee and a student gave his teacher flowers.

Pamela hopes $20 is all it takes to inspire a chain reaction. But she says it's not the money that makes people react so happily. Rather, it's because someone cared enough to say, '

"They're walking away thinking about happiness and I don't think there's any greater gift than being able to inspire somebody," she said.

(ABC - Dallas)

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