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OPS Superintendent Mark Evans

Mark Evans

Omaha Public Schools Superintendent Mark Evans strikes me as a positive guy with a tough job, made more difficult after he tried to leave it to be with ailing parents ... only to be dragged back into the office for another year.  Combine that with some of the headaches his district has faced, created, and has looming in the near future, and no one would blame him for telling the school board he's had enough.

But, for whatever reason and for whatever length of time, he's still here.  And he joined me for a full hour in the studio today to take the issues head on.

We had four segments together, roughly covering the following topics (with multiple side roads explored):

Segment 1 -- Why are you still here?

Segment 2 -- What if the next bond issue doesn't pass?

Segment 3 -- Does the district have a PR problem?

Segment 4 -- Will you be personally driving school buses this fall?

CLICK HERE for the mp3 podcast of this morning's good discussion with the "unreplaceable" Superintendent Evans. 

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