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Developing ... Iowa Jr High Apologizes for Speaker

Ames Middle School

Here's the e-mail parents received yesterday from the Ames, Iowa middle school administration:

Dear Ames Middle School parent or guardian,

We held an eighth grade promotion celebration on Tuesday, May 30 that honored the achievements and contributions of our students. Our guest speaker—who has volunteered as a mentor in our building, has established partnerships with some of our students and who serves in the community—was selected because of his message on character, integrity and... accountability. However, his message wasn’t delivered as clearly as we had hoped. We sincerely apologize for any of his comments that may have offended our parents, students or staff.


Ames Middle School Administration

So, what was said that was so controversial?  According to the Facebook page of one parent who was at the ceremony, "To all you little girls, 'stay pure.'"Some other Jesus stuff at a public school "promotion" ceremony."

She notes that "little boys" didn't get the same message, so "live it up boys!"  (Another comment noted "Who are the boys supposed to live it up with?", if girls aren't supposed to.  You know what; don't answer that.)

I have a call into the school to verify who the speaker was, what was said that was so offensive, and whether there were any complaints.  I will post updates here.  Developing...

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