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Lennon, Limbaugh, & The King

Friday morning offered me an opportunity to talk with three very interesting men.

First, David Limbaugh discussed this new book The True Jesus, where he draws a Biblical contrast between the real Son of God and what today's society often tries to make Him out to be.

And, of course, I asked him some questions about Rush.

CLICK HERE for this conversation.

Then, Julian Lennon opened up about his new children's book (Touch the Earth), as well as poignant details about the tough terms he's lived with relative to his famous father.

He also told me his favorite Beatles song!

CLICK HERE for my conversation with Julian.

Finally, I spent some time talking with someone who has toured as Neil Diamond's percussionist for the past 40 years (40 years!!!), King Errisson, before their concert in Omaha tonight.

In addition to touring with Neil, King talked with me about his famous bongo beat that is probably the most sampled rhythm in music history -- and whether he ever made a dime off of it!

CLICK HERE to hear from "The King."

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