Andrew McCarthy

As with every interview I've ever done, there's never enough time to get to every question.  With Andrew McCarthy this morning, that question was, "VH1 ranks you 40th on the all-time list of best teen stars.  Would you please tell me all the reasons you are better than #39 on the list, Tracey Gold from Growing Pains?"

Oh, and it would have been fun to bring up this Burger King commercial from 1983, featuring Andrew and Elisabeth Shue before they were stars:

But I did get to talk with Andrew about what he was thinking when handed the plot to Mannequin, a special Weekend at Bernie's-themed "Pancakes" request, and his new -- and first -- novel, Just Fly Away.

CLICK HERE for the mp3 podcast of our fun conversation (which also features a KFAB listener inviting him to her book club in Omaha!).

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