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She Wore This Dress to Grammys, Made it Out Alive

Pop singer Joy Villa showed up to the Grammy Awards last night wearing a white cape ...

...before removing it to reveal...

...that there's at least one pop singer in the world who wants to Make America Great Again!

Here are a few of the (censored) tweets she's received from the tolerant among us:

Kevin Allred @KevinAllred

who the ---- is Joy Villa and why is she wearing that godawful Trump dress at the ??


Michael Arceneaux @youngsinick

I don't know who this is wearing House of Deplorable, y'all. 

Voodoo Child @Pixxistick

@Joy_Villa you can't spell and you support a racist.. you're the poorly educated Trump loves! yay you!

Mariah ft YG out NOW @fadedcrystal

@Bougied0ll @Joy_Villa Guess that's what happens when you support the devil!

False Alarm⚡️✨ @elysianeuphony

@Joy_Villa R.I.P to your mentions and to your everything in general.

The 25-year-old Villa describes herself as a “vegan” and a “feminist” in her Twitter bio. She wrote on Instagram that her "whole artistic platform is about love."  She was not nominated for a Grammy, so some suggest she only showed up wearing that Trump dress to promote herself, not the President.  If that's the case, it worked!

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