Vote Mug Shot Beauty Pageant

Starting Monday KFAB will post a Twitter poll (click here to follow us @ KFABnews) with our top three finalists in the First Annual Mug Shot Beauty Pageant, where you do the crime and we extend your time by voting on the "best" mug shot of 2019.

Below are our top 3, click each contestants name to see the mug shot, read a little about each contestant, then on Monday, jump on twitter and vote away!

Contestant #1: "Mullet Man"

  • Wanted For: Stealing $500 worth of merchandise from a sex shop, 2 cars, a cell phone and two sour gecko lollipops.
  • Strengths: Going after the finer things in life, "Never Take my Soul" brandished on his cheek & classic style mullet.

Contestant #2: "Chronic Masturbator"

  • Wanted For: Well... indecent exposure again and again.
  • Strengths: Persistence, creepy tounge pics, and the ability to be caught.

Contestant #3: "The NOT Hot Felon"

  • Wanted For: Driving with a suspended license, lying to a police officer, possible possession of methamphetamine, marijuana, methylin pills & a scale.
  • Strengths: Ability to listen to police commands when being pulled over, hear the judge during sentencing to change his ways & carry on the tradition that is Florida Man....

Thanks or listening & we need YOUR vote, starting this Monday on Twitter.



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