A Letter to my Dad

Dear Dad,

Dude. You did it. 25 years. Incredible. What a job well done. You put in your time, your put in the hard work, you sacrificed long nights, constant interruptions of my volleyball games as you had 5 police officers come in to ask you for a warrant. You put your career on such a high level that, as your daughter, I admired. You showed strong dedication to your work. Both in and out of the office and after 25 long years I want to tell you how proud I am of you. You showed me what hard work can do. You showed me respect and how to give it. You believed in me and so many people looked up to you that it made me feel unstoppable. Thank you. I look forward to your retirement. You have such goofy hobbies and I look forward to seeing you relax. And now after 25 years, I gota ask, "are you wearing shorts under your robe?!"

Weezer recently came out with a new album last week called, "The Teal album." It's a cover album but they did this song and it made me think of you today on your last day of work as you retire. Good luck and good job big guy.

Love you!



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