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House Republicans Ready to Investigate the Bidens

While Mitch McConnell failed to win control of the Senate for Republicans, he’s kept his leadership job and is already signaling that he wants to work with Democrats.

But the House is a different story. Let the investigations of Joe Biden begin.

And that’s the key. It is not about Hunter Biden. It’s about his father, the corrupt president of the United States.

Kevin McCarthy says that no matter what the margin, the size of the gavel doesn’t change.

House Republicans have the power now, let’s see if they’re really willing to use it. We have to go after the Biden administration the way they come at us.

Democrats, Big Tech and the intel community colluded to call the Hunter Biden story Russian disinformation and rig the 2020 election. Sounds like a threat to democracy, doesn’t it?

Whether that has any impact on Democrat voters remains to be seen. After all, they just voted for John Fetterman.

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