Iowa Law Enforcement Warns Of Phone Scams

Council Bluffs Police say they have received reports this week of people posing as law enforcement officers to fraudulently obtain money, using technology to “spoof” their phone numbers and make it appear the calls are from a legitimate law enforcement agency.

The scammers aggressively tell victims they had warrants for their arrest and they need to meet these “officers” to pay “bail money” in order to stay out of jail.

Bluffs Police say It appears the thieves targeted people in the medical profession.

Police say, in addition to the Bluffs, this scam may have been attempted in other Iowa communities including, Carroll, Iowa City, and Sioux City.

Council Bluffs Police, in cooperation with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, request that anyone who may have been contacted by persons claiming to be law enforcement and asking for bail money contact investigators to make a report.

Council Bluffs residents can call 712-890-5400, Option 5.

Outside of Council Bluffs, citizens can call the Division of Criminal Investigation at 712-322-1585.

As a reminder, law enforcement officers will not contact you by phone and attempt to arrange for payment to clear an arrest warrant.

(Picture from Council Bluffs Police)

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