Nebraska Public Power District Launches Email Appliance Survey

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(Columbus, NE) -- Electric customers are being asked to take part in an survey about appliances. Nebraska Public Power District wants to know how customers are using electricity and how that might change in the future. The surveys are conducted every three years. It's the first time the NPPD Residential Appliance Survey is being done entirely online.

NPPD and its wholesale partners will be sending the survey to random samples of residential customers, and any customer who receives a survey will receive it from their power provider. “Identifying the characteristics of residential energy use is important when we are developing a long-term load forecast.

"This forecast gives us an estimate of the overall load growth that might occur among residential customers in the years to come, and this survey is extremely helpful in accomplishing that,” says NPPD Resource Planning and Risk Manager Jim Fehr. In this survey, customers will see questions focused on how likely they are to purchase energy efficient appliances or participate in an energy efficiency program offered by their electricity provider. Fehr also noted, residential energy use makes up a large portion of NPPD’s overall customer base, and this survey is important for informing NPPD on how to best provide for future power needs.

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