Nebraska Hits Record Low Jobless Rate, Again

(Lincoln, NE) -- The Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting Nebraska’s preliminary employment for April 2022 reached an all-time high of 1,040,325. This means nearly 22,000 more Nebraskans are working now than prior to the pandemic (February 2020). 

Nebraska’s unemployment rate is at 1.9%. That’s tied for the lowest rate ever achieved by any state. 

 “We saw record-setting State revenues and our highest-ever employment in April,” said Gov. Ricketts. “These strong signs of growth reflect the creation of plentiful great-paying jobs for Nebraskans. There’s never been a better time to be a graduate looking to start a career in the Good Life.”

 Nebraska leads the nation in per capita employment, with 69 out of 100 adults actively working. That compares with a national rate of 60 out of 100 adults employed.

 Nebraska is tied with Utah for the lowest jobless rate in the nation.

Iowa's unemployment rate for April fell to 3-percent.

Businessman videoconferencing with his colleagues

Photo: Getty Images

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