Direct Health Measure Issued For Nebraska Med In Omaha, Surgeries Limited

Photo: Getty Images

(Omaha, NE) -- The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is ordering Nebraska Medicine not to perform any non-emergency surgeries at its Omaha hospital.

Governor Pete Ricketts announced the Direct Health Measure Friday morning, saying non-emergency surgeries will be canceled for the next month. Friday’s DHM will go into effect at 5:00 PM, and halts Class C, D, and E surgeries at the Nebraska Medical Center that are pre-scheduled and non-emergencies through February 13th.

“Hospitals that decide to operate under a crisis standard of care should not be performing non-emergency surgeries. Today’s DHM makes sure the Nebraska Medical Center remains focused on prioritizing care for patients with the most urgent medical needs.” - Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

Nebraska Medicine activated its Crisis Standards of Care Plan on Thursday, signaling some services could be limited. The Direct Health Measure can be read here.

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