Lincoln Chick-fil-A Plans To Reopen Drive-Thru Thursday Morning

LINCOLN, Nebraska - The Chick-fil-A at 27th and Pine Lake Road in Lincoln will reopen their drive-thru at 6 a.m. Thursday.

This after a deadly shooting following a disturbance Tuesday afternoon. 48 year old Joseph Cimino was shot and killed by a railroad special agent after causing that disturbance after complaining about his meal.

Cimino then backed his pickup through the west wall of the restaurant sending customers rushing for safety.

A Burlington Northern Santa Fe Special Agent was at the restaurant and Cimino started an alteration with him. The agent then saw Cimino had a stun gun and was making threats and motions and that is when he was shot.

The investigation shows that Cimino had lived in Lincoln for about six months and had sent out hundreds of Tweets the day of the shooting.

Photo courtesy of 6 News.

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