Flood Alert for Southwest Mills County

Elevated Missouri River levels will cause increased flood risk for Southwest Mills County this week. Residents West of Interstate 29 and S. of Lambert Ave. are cautioned to be alert and consider evacuating the area. Increased water may also be an issue West of Interstate 29 and S. of Hwy 34 as well as the Pony Creek Drainage District. 

Exact effects of this River level are hard to determine, so extreme caution is advised. Excessive rain in the northern river basin and pending increased output from Gavin’s Point Dam are causing a prediction of 29.4 ft. on 9/20 at the Plattsmouth Gauge, 3 feet above flood stage. Currently, the River is at 27 ft. at the Plattsmouth Gauge, a 2 ft. increase from last week. 

The US Army Corps of Engineers states they will be monitoring the repaired sections of levee South of the Plattsmouth Bridge. The outward levee breech in the SW section of our County is not closed and will allow a backflow of water into that area which is already saturated. Output from Gavin’s Point Dam was lowered from 70,000 cfs over the weekend but will be increased to 80,000 cfs by mid-week and remain at that level into the near future. Please contact the Communication Center if you need help to leave the area, 712-527-4871.

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