A Piece Of 9/11 History On Display At Omaha's Memorial Park

A piece of history from the 9/11 terrorist attacks 18 years ago is in Omaha to honor the thousands of American citizens and first responders who lost their lives.

Irvington Firefighters are the safe keepers of a beam from the North Tower of the World Trade Center that will be on display in Memorial Park through sunset Wednesday.

Heidi Williams told 6 News she saw the display and had to take pictures. “I think it’s something people need to see… why… it’s history, there’s a lot of lives on that, it’s sad but it’s part of who we are now.”

Williams is from a military family, her husband has been deployed twice. Irvington Firefighter Tracy Thomas watches over the beam. Her husband has also been deployed twice and tells 6 News it's more than a piece of metal.

“It’s just incredibly powerful and there’s nothing that can describe being able to touch and feel something a lot of people felt was so far away but actually, it’s here and with us today,” said Thomas.


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