Woman Arrested In Crime Spree Involving Stolen Vehicles And Shots Fired

A woman is facing charges after law enforcement connected the dots in a crime spree.

On Tuesday, August 13th, Pottawattamie County deputies were called to I-29 and I-680 near the Mormon Bridge around 6:12 p.m. for a carjacking and shots fired call. The suspects, a man and a woman were driving a stolen white GMC pickup.

A deputy spotted the vehicle heading south on I-29 speeding at 100 miles per hour. The pickup then went into Omaha on I-480. Omaha Police found the pickup near 13th and Cass Street. The woman, 30 year old Justine Baker of Omaha was taken into custody. The man was not found.

The investigation shows that Baker and the man were in a 1992 Chevy truck and took off without paying for gas at the DeSoto Mini Mart. One of the owners located the vehicle on 145th Street near I-680. The owner blocked the road with a pickup. The male driver rammed that truck that was blocking the road. The male suspect then fired several shots. The man and Baker then got into the pickup blocking the road and took off. The 1992 Chevy pickup that was left at 145th Street had been stolen from Saunders County.

The search for the man continues. Baker was booked into Douglas County Corrections on charges relating to the stolen vehicle driven into Omaha. In Iowa, Baker will be charged with 1st degree robbery, eluding while participating in a felony, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, 2nd degree theft and 5th degree theft for the gas.


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