Mayor Stothert's Pick For Solid Waste Collections

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert has made her pick for the city's next sold waste contractor.She is recommending FCC Environmental for the job that has a 10 year contract with two possible five year extensions.

Stothert says the price tag is $7 million more than the current contract but it was the lowest bid and the best value for tax payers.She says this will not increase taxes for residents.

If Stothert's selection is approved, residents will have to get use to several changes.Residents would be provided two 96 gallon carts, one for trash and yard waste and another for recyclables.All yard waste would then go to a landfill instead of Omaha Gro Compost. Residents would wheel the bins to the curb where the automated trucks would lift and empty them.

The total cost of the contract is $22.6 million annually and that includes the cost of the carts and spring and fall cleanup.

The Omaha City Council will look at the proposal next week and a vote is set for April 30th.

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