Loud Vehicle Brings Neighborhood Together To Help Delivery Driver

A call to action for people in a Dundee neighborhood: every morning a newspaper delivery driver brings them an awful wake-up call. Neighbors say this has been happening since last summer. At first they didn't know what it was, but it wasn't long before they realized it was the newspaper delivery man's car and it needed fixing.

Margaux Towne tells 6 News that, “It was just really kinda errrrrr, you know, loud and annoying and especially at 5:50 in the morning.”

Towne said that's the sound neighbors woke up to every morning. “He would pull up in my driveway so it would be right under my bedroom window, like there he is. He's so consistent. Here he is with the newspaper.”

While many say initially they were annoyed with the loud drop offs, once they figured out it was the newspaper delivery man's car, like clockwork, they expected to hear him come by.

Alex Maltese tells 6 News that he initially thought, “Come on man, fix the car. As it became longer and longer, you realize probably for whatever reason he can't fix the car.”

6 News reached out to the delivery man and told them he couldn't afford to fix the car, so a neighbor started a GoFundMe page. The community pitched in nearly $1,700 and even helped him get his car to the mechanic.

Omaha Car Care’s Tom Headley told 6 News, “He goes 'I know my car is nothing extravagant but it's mine, It's what I have to use to get back and forth to work.'”

Headley said they heard the car from down the street coming into the shop. Just an hour later, it was fixed. “Everybody needs that helping hand. Everybody needs that every once in a while.”

It's a noise neighbors got accustomed to but now they'll have to set a new alarm to grab their paper.

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