This Blouse Got Her Banned from Graduation

A North Carolina honor roll high school senior has been banned from walking at her own graduation ceremony after she was reprimanded for wearing a top that partially exposed her shoulders and back, showing her collarbones. Summer, whose last name wasn't disclosed, was sitting in the cafeteria in Harrisburg's Hickory Ridge High School last week when the principal asked her to put on a jacket over her shirt. Summer said she thought her shirt was fine, but did borrow a jacket from a friend to put on. Summer says the principal then told her to go the school's control room anyway to change her clothes entirely. She refused, saying she had to wait until her mother was contacted. Summer and the principal had clashed before, and her mother had told the school to contact her if her daughter was being disciplined. Later, a security guard told Summer that the school hadn't been able to reach her mother, and she could either change her clothes or be arrested. Before that could happen, Summer's mother called back, and she eventually went into the control room with administrators. Because of the incident, Summer was suspended for insubordination, and banned from all senior events, including walking at her graduation. The principal is reportedly still considering expelling her, which could put Summer's college scholarships in jeopardy. Speaking about what happened, Summer told NBC Charlotte, "I stayed in my seat just like a lot of role models that I have looked up to stayed in their seats. I mean, you have to stand up for what you believe in." (Mashable)

Gary Sadlemyer and KFAB's Morning News

Gary Sadlemyer and KFAB's Morning News

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