Nebraska Restaurant Named 'Best Barbecue Joint' In The Entire State

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Nothing says "America the Beautiful" quite like a messy barbecue pork sandwich with a side of slaw and potato chips served on a styrofoam plate next to a red solo cup filled with your soda of choice.

You don't need to visit the South to enjoy a top-of-the-line BBQ sandwich. In fact, there is one BBQ joint right here in Nebraska known for serving some of the best sandwiches, sides, and desserts around! Be it the quality of ingredients, a tasty one-of-a-kind sauce recipe, a delicious variety of sides, or stellar service with a smile, something about this restaurant's barbecue sets it apart from the rest, and customers simply cannot get enough. So, if you've been searching for the best place to enjoy a good BBQ meal, look no further than this Nebraska staple.

According to a list compiled by Taste of Home, the best place to order a hearty BBQ sandwich in Nebraska is at Phat Jack’s BBQ located in Lincoln. Taste of Home praised this barbecue joint for its Kansas City-style sandwiches.

Here's what Taste of Home had to say about the best BBQ joint in the entire state:

"Burnt ends and brisket are the shining stars at Phat Jack’s, which has been serving Kansas City-style barbecue since 2006. The portions are generous, the flavors are memorable and the freshly prepared meat goes fast!"

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