Scooter's Coffee Breaks Guinness World Record Title for Largest Cake Ball

Photo: Scooter's Coffee

(Omaha, NE) -- Scooter’s Coffee is the new Guinness World Records title holder for the World’s Largest Cake Ball.

The approximately 848-pound, birthday-themed Cake Ball was unveiled at the annual Scooter’s Coffee GROW Conference in Omaha on Wednesday. The Cake Ball was baked from scratch and assembled by employees from Scooter’s Coffee affiliated company Harvest Roasting.

Official adjudicator Brittany Dunn from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attended the GROW Conference to certify the record; the cake ball weighed 384.75 kilograms. Covered with buttercream frosting and birthday sprinkles, the treat broke the previous 628-pound record for the World’s Largest Cake Ball. “Making the World’s Largest Cake Ball for our Scooter’s Coffee family demonstrates the fact that Scooter’s® in-store bakery items are handmade from scratch at our affiliated company, Harvest Roasting, to offer fresh, delicious baked goods to customers across the Scooter’s Coffee 29-state footprint,” said Joe Thornton, President of Scooter’s Coffee, LLC.

In addition to cake bites, Harvest Roasting bakes and distributes to Scooter’s Coffee locations muffins, cinnamon rolls and cookies. Harvest Roasting employees have been working to perfect the World’s Largest Cake Ball for several weeks. Eleven cake layers, each weighing between 15 to 100 pounds, were crafted, carefully transported and delicately assembled during the GROW Conference. Employees then applied 150 pounds of buttercream frosting and 50 sprinkles. Approximately 30 employees were involved in designing, baking and assembling the Cake Ball.

“I’m proud of this team working seamlessly to accomplish an amazing goal of setting a new world record,” said Craig Stevenson, Vice President, Manufacturing at Harvest Roasting. “It’s a confirmation of who we are at Harvest Roasting and proves we can accomplish anything in the future.”

“Creating the World’s Largest Cake Ball is just another example of how our employees and franchisees are committed to innovation in creating amazing experiences for our customers every day as we continue to grow rapidly across the United States,” said Thornton.

Below are some facts about the World’s Largest Cake Ball:

  • 690 pounds of dough was used.
  • 6,430 Scooter’s Coffee Cake Bites would fit inside the World’s Largest Cake Ball.
  • The Cake Ball is 33 inches wide and 32 inches tall.
  • Many tests were completed to determine the rigidity of the Cake Ball.
  • The Cake Ball took just two hours to assemble and frost at the GROW Conference.

According to requirements, the World’s Largest Cake Ball had to be consumed or donated to ensure no food waste. Any remaining slices from the GROW Conference will be donated to Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue. An earlier prototype of the Cake Ball that weighed 844 pounds was donated to Boys Town.

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