Nebraska Community Blood Bank Declares Blood Emergency

(Lincoln, NE) -- The Nebraska Community Blood Bank has declared a blood emergency.

NCBB says the emergency is due to several recent as well as long-standing factors, including the ice storm last week, a brutal cold and flu season, fewer donors giving for their first time, and an increasing number of individuals who have not returned to donating since the pandemic began.

In addition to seasonal factors and an ongoing decrease in regular donors, NCBB says local businesses, schools and communities have not returned to hosting blood drives at the same rate they did pre-pandemic. “Each winter we struggle to maintain blood donations, and this year is no exception,” said Wendy Capetz, senior executive director of enterprise marketing. “But now the need is deeply critical and may begin to affect our local hospitals. We need more Nebraskans to give blood, host blood drives, and spread the word about the need for donations.”

In addition to whole blood donors, platelet donors are urgently needed. With a shelf life of just 7 days, NCBB says it relies on dedicated platelet donors to help patients undergoing chemotherapy, those with bleeding disorders, new mothers, and more. “The need for blood never stops,” said Capetz. “Giving blood makes a difference in the lives of local people and those who love them. We invite potential new donors to experience this rewarding act of kindness. Bring your friends, family, and coworkers, and share your generosity with your networks.”

Blood donors can give every 56 days, and platelet donors can give twice per month. Visit to schedule an appointment or call 877.486.9414.

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