Report says Omaha is at Elevated Risk of Power Blackouts this Summer

Photo: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

(Omaha, NE) -- A new report puts Omaha at elevated risk of blackouts this summer, but the regional power pool that oversees power for the region says it's not likely.

"And, should the need arise, we will work with our local utilities to make sure we mitigate the need for outages best we can. Derek Wingfield, Southwest Power Pool tells KFAB Radio News.

"And, if there ever should be an outage, we concentrate on quick and effective restoration." He said.

The Summer Reliability Report presented to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says Nebraska and much of the Western United States is at elevated risk of blackouts.

"Which means there is a potential for insufficient reserves if we experience above normal conditions." Wingfield says.

The region including Nebraska is expected to have above normal temperatures this summer, which drives up power demand,

In addition to Omaha Public Power District, the Nebraska Public Power District, and Lincoln Electric System are also members of the Southwest Power Pool.

Map of summer power reliability assessment from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission documents. Summer Temperature probability map from National Weather Service and NOAA.

Photo: National Weather Service, NOAA Temperature Outlook

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