Nebraska Community Blood Bank announces blood emergency

(Lincoln, NE) -- A local blood bank says their supplies are extremely low.

On Monday, Nebraska Community Blood Bank announced a blood emergency, noting the most critical needs are type O, Rh negative and platelets. NCBB say their general blood supply currently stands at a 2-to-3-day level, with type O and platelets at just a 1-to-2-day level. They say that is well below their ideal inventory of 5-7 days.

NCBB says this shortage occurs amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has had an impact on workers in the healthcare industry with trickle-down effects. Nebraska Community Blood Bank is working to increase staff to meet the blood supply needs of the community. Staffing impacts the numbers of blood center appointments and blood drives that can be scheduled and thus contributes to the lower-than-normal-blood supply.

“Historically, summer is a challenging time for blood donations. Unfortunately, we are faced with a lower blood supply than usual. As we prepare for the decline of blood donations, the time is now to increase the reserve. Please consider making an appointment this week, or for the coming weeks as we anticipate this will be an ongoing crisis. We need more donors to help patients in our communities,” said Cheryl Warholoski, Director of Operations.

To make an appointment call 1.877.486.9414 or click here.

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