Two Bellevue East students cited for fight, teacher injured in altercation

(Bellevue, NE) -- Two Bellevue East students are cited for a fight on Monday that left them and a teacher injured.

Bellevue Police say around 10:30 Tuesday morning, officers were called to Bellevue East for a report of a teacher being assaulted with a hammer. Once on the scene, officers learned that two 16 year-old boys had gotten into a physical fight in shop class. BPD says a teacher, along with other students, broke up the altercation. Police say after the fight was broken up, one of the students picked up a hammer and left the school.

Investigators say he was detained by police outside of the school, without incident. Police say the hammer was never possessed or used during the altercation.

After the investigation was complete, one teen was cited for 3rd Degree Assault and was released to a parent. The other teen was cited for Third Degree Assault and Terroristic Threats and was released to a parent. The teacher and the two students sustained minor injuries that were treated at the scene.

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