Road Construction Alters Traffic Routes for Husker Spring Game Attendees

(Lincoln, NE) -- Traffic in Lincoln will be tricky on Saturday, not just because of Spring game traffic, but because of ongoing road construction.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation wants drivers to be aware that construction activities are occurring on routes traditionally used by drivers on their way to the stadium. The NDOT, in partnership with the Nebraska State Patrol, University of Nebraska, and the City of Lincoln, are recommending the following routes to fans:

  • For drivers arriving in Lincoln on I-80 from the west: Take Exit 397 (south U.S. Highway 77 (US-77) to Rosa Parks Way into downtown Lincoln.
  • For drivers arriving in Lincoln from the east: Take Exit 401 to south Interstate 180 (I-180) into downtown Lincoln.

The NDOT says drivers should avoid Exit 409 both before and after the game. After the game, Exit 409 between Lincoln and Waverly may be closed due to safety concerns as heavy interstate traffic builds. This may significantly increase traffic on US-6 and cause slowdowns.

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