Nebraska Unicameral passes COVID-19 employer vaccine exemption bill

(Lincoln, NE) -- The Nebraska Unicameral passes a bill requiring employers to accept any COVID-19 vaccination exemptions submitted via a Department of Health and Human Services form.

The bill passed on a 35-7 vote Friday morning. LB-906, introduced by State Senator Ben Hansen of Blair, compels the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services to provide a form on its website for any employee seeking a COVID-19 vaccination exemption either on a health care practitioner’s recommendation or a person’s religious beliefs.

The Unicameral says the bill applies to all Nebraska employers, including state agencies. Federal agencies and corporations, Indian tribes, and other organizations exempt from federal taxation are also exempt from the requirement. The bill also allow for employers to require unvaccinated employees to wear masks or submit to COVID-19 testing — at the employer’s expense.

A release from the Unicameral states that, “Medicare-certified and Medicaid-certified providers or suppliers and federal contractors may require additional processes, documentation, or accommodations as necessary to comply with federal law and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulations."

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