Auburn family loses home and possessions in fire

Photo: WOWT 6 News

(Auburn, NE) -- An Auburn, Nebraska family will have to start over after a fire completely destroys their home and all of their possessions.

Jerry Snider, who is disabled and in a wheelchair, was barely able to escape the flames Sunday morning. Ring camera video shows Snider falling from his wheelchair as he escaped before the fire engulfed the house. The Ring camera notified Jerry’s daughter Shawnee about the fire as she was out of town. Shawnee tells WOWT 6 News that her husband Eric Yost was able to talk with Jerry through the Ring camera. “He kind of threw himself off the porch, police showed up and helped him out... but then the officers had to move back because the porch collapsed and that’s when the footage ended."

Shawnee says her dad was home alone with their three dogs as she Eric took their two children to Mount Rushmore for vacation on Friday. After they knew Jerry was outside of the home safe, the attention shifted to the family's three dogs. Shawnee says two of the dogs ran into the basement, while the third dog was able to get out of the house. One of the dogs in the basement died in the fire, the other survived in the burnt out basement for 12 hours until it could be rescued.

There is a GoFundMe page set up to help the family.

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